HELKA has an experienced project team provided specialized cargo transportation, offering bespoke shipping solutions for customers whose cargo requires special equipment or for cargo that is over dimension and hence cannot be containerized.

In order to provide excellent project logistics services, our team's experience covers:
  • Feasibility study on physical distribution of project materials
  • Defining contractual relationships between parties and assist with finalizing contracts.
  • Communicating; liaising; managing and working with project suppliers.
  • Act as communication windows / bridges amongst project owner; various levels of sub-contractors and vendors ensuring effective communication and smooth operations.
  • Sea + air combined or multi-mode transportation handling.
  • Scheduling and project time management
  • Supervision of cargo - load / discharge
  • Process & supply chain management
  • Combined-Transport facilitating
  • Documentation fulfillment
  • Customs formality fulfillment
  • Suggestion & reporting on finance related progress such as duty evaluation and budget updates.
  • Information Technology aided track and trace accessibility

The achievements of Helka on project logistics assignments have given us a name in the industry and we are well recognized by multi-national entities as one of the top Chinese project facilitators.

Helka's project team also expedites break bulk shipments requiring specialized vessels with unique storage equipment, ensuring that the correct facilities and equipment are available at load and discharge ports for safe cargo handling. As a truly one-stop shop logistics provider, Helka is proficient in overcoming the challenges of specialized cargo transportation and by employing methodical processes will ensure our customers cargo is shipped safely to destination.

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