In the current logistics market warehousing services rarely stop with inventory holding, below are some of the value added services that enhance your supply chain and can help reduce cost and improve the speed to market.

  • Package Customization
    Helka operates a range of services to pack, prepare and customize your products for different markets. Such pre-retail service enables you to do minor changes on the package for seasonal promotion campaigns and different kinds of marketing activities.
  • Neutralization
    Helka can help you with back-to-back trading wherever you would like to neutralize the package and labels of the shipment -by eliminating all original labels and replacing them with your own company labels, or to remove the original package and repack into the package under your corporate name your cargo can confidently be sold with the original manufacturer hidden from your customer.
  • Gift / Seasonal Packing
    With many seasonal opportunities for marketing within the year special packing can enhance sales on the shop floor, so for the following opportunities contact us to help you meet your sales targets; Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, back-to-school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's.
  • Labelling and printing
    We??e able to print and apply labels, either to the product or its packaging. This includes swing tags, kimball/security tags, RFID tags, price stickers and other promotional labeling. It can be food and nutrition labels for imported products to the domestic market, specific barcodes for retail stores overseas, or specific labeling requirement for customs.
  • Shrink / Blister Packing
    Helka offers shrink / blister packing for small consumer goods. Examples are electronics components, healthcare, computer accessories etc. With kitting and blister packing, we can prepare package ready for shop floor. We are able to cater for all your shrink packaging needs, including bagging services, skin packing, blister packs and shrink packaging.

With Helka's ability to handle kitting, assembly or product replacement our customers can take a generic product and using postponement strategy these can be differentiated for various global markets. We can help you replace the power cord from US to Europe market, or insert different installation disks or manuals with different languages according to destination, or any other unique aspect you would like to add to your product line.

  • Repacking and Kitting
    Helka offers a full range of kitting and repacking services, including materials and order management, component kit building, assembly line operations and package over-pack or on-pack to suit your marketing activities. For more information on kitting please check our case study section by clicking here.
  • Assembly
    We can assemble finished products from modules and components or change hardware configuration by replacing another module. By this you can reduce the inventory obsolescence of each finished products and streamline your supply chain.
  • Firm / software update
    For electronic products such as cameras, game console boxes, mobile phones, we can help you install/modify the right language, firmware or settings, the latest software batch for local market and perform basic testing functions to make sure your product is specific to the target market.

Helka offers packaging solutions (carton replacement, bespoke timber crates) for your export purpose such as additional cargo safety, better freight utilization, ISPM or customs requirement to destination

  • Slip sheet
    Most of Helka's logistics centers are equipped with forklifts equipped with push - pull attachments. Slip sheeting is popular for US supply chains and suitable when there is a stable product and no chance of contamination by liquid or chemicals. By using slip-sheets, pallet exchange is not required and weight and space loss in a container is at a minimum.
  • Crating Service
    We can provide custom crates for furniture, high value electronics, large industrial machinery or any other products either on-site or at our own warehouses; our crates fully comply with the customs and ISPM requirements at destination.

We can provide barcode labels and barcode scanning for cargo tracking and tracing in the supply chain. The information obtained through barcode scanning is uploaded directly to our WMS and can include information such as serial numbers and lots/batches. Many barcode formats can be accommodated and if you check our glossary a list of the main formats is available.

RFID solution is also possible. Please contact us and let us know your requirement.

Wine in China has become the drink for the nouveau riche and it continues to boom as the middle classes start to embrace this drink. Hong Kong abolished duty on wine in 2008, and since then has become the number 2 location worldwide in fine wine auction revenues.

Using climate controlled areas and utilizing our WMS to accommodate reporting and storage by the bottle we can offer a comprehensive wine handling service.

Some of the services we offer are; wine tasting, wine samplers, exclusive area within our warehouse for wine sales activities, customized gift packing, express and standard domestic distribution.