Helka offers many warehousing options in Hong Kong and China and the following information is to help explain some of the services available and the limitations of the warehouse types. With 15 locations in Hong Kong and China we offer comprehensive one stop shop coverage of the main import and export regions of the world’s most prolific manufacturing nation – China.

  • General Warehousing

    General warehousing in China is primarily used for domestic distribution and can be used as a hub for your products to be sold in Hong Kong and China.

    Warehousing options include high security facilities with CCTV, active alarms, 24 hour security personnel and is employed to store commodities such as electronics, luxury branded goods, wines etc. Selected areas within these facilities offer shelving for piece picking operations, racking for carton and pallet pick and storage or basic block stacking. Temperature and humidity control areas are also available to cater for perishable goods, sensitive electronic components, healthcare products and wine. Garments can be handled whether in cartons or GOH (garments on hangers) and all the above are controlled through our WMS which is served within our facilities using wireless scanners for product management to serial number, batch and lot number levels.

  • Bonded Warehousing

    Bonded warehousing is a preferential policy for goods entering China with deferred payment for duty and tax and export goods from China with faster VAT rebates. The different bonded facilities available are:

    Free Trade Zones (FTZ)

    Free Trade Zones (FTZ as they are known) are exclusive regions in selective cities (15 only) that provide tax and foreign currency benefits to encourage FDI. Each FTZ runs independently of the others and the benefits available are specific to the FTZ – some encourage manufacturing, others are geared towards export or import. The locations of the 15 FTZ are;

    If your company is benefitting from the advantages of a FTZ and require warehousing, please contact us for more details.

  • Import Bonded Warehouse

    These warehouses (sometimes known as CSW – customs supervised warehouses) are generally used in areas away from the sea and air ports of China. It allows imported goods to be held for a period of time allowing deferred payments in tax and duty.

  • Export Supervised Warehouse

    Unlike import bonded warehouses these are normally closer to the sea and airports and are used primarily to consolidate goods (from various suppliers) for loading into containers and air handling units for export. These warehouses are very limited in the services that can be performed within due to strict customs regulations. For exported goods through these facilities the supplier can obtain VAT rebates once the goods have been assigned to a MBL or MAWB.

  • Bonded Logistics Park

    Bonded Logistics Parks (BLP) are the most contemporary version of the bonded warehouse in China, and with the unique ‘zone-port interaction’ they are working hand in hand with the local ports allowing services that were previously not possible within the older style import bonded and export supervised warehouses.

    BLPs offer all the services and advantages available in the older bonded warehouses, but can offer in addition:

    • VAT rebates are available immediately upon entry to the facility (unlike export supervised warehouses which require the goods to be assigned to a particular vessel or flight before rebate can be claimed)
    • Duty and VAT is deferred for import cargo, and can be paid on a per piece level not per shipment once the cargo leaves the facility
    • Import and export cargoes do not have to be physically separated
    • No storage time limit
    • Many value added services do not require prior customs approval
    • Quality Control activities are available
    • Some regional customs authorities allow month end customs declarations – thereby reducing cost associated with multiple individual declarations
  • Dangerous Goods Warehousing

    Helka have experience handling dangerous goods in Hong Kong and China, for more details please contact us directly. Below for your reference is a table indicating the DG classification of the Hong Kong Fire Services Department and to which IMDG classification they correspond.

  • Please click here to download the Dangerous Good Table